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HERTZ CENTO CPK 690 Ηχεία αυτοκινήτου οβάλ 6Χ9 διαιρούμενα 360W

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CPK 690
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Περιγραφή Προιόντος

The latest addition to the Cento PRO line is the CPK 690 system equipped with an elliptical woofer to avail of the 6 x 9 door placements, which are particularly common in the North American market, such as for the models of Toyota and FORD groups. Like the other speakers of the Cento PRO line, the woofer cone is made of pressed paper, the most suitable material to obtain a linear and controlled emission even when the woofer is driven with very high power. All electroacoustic parameters have been optimized to obtain maximum performance with door installations; we therefore find a magnetic group and voice coil improved for an excellent power handling and a lower resonance frequency. The large emission area of the CP 690 increases the woofer efficiency and extends the response down to 35 Hz. The crossover made with selected components, features a low-pass filter on the woofer with a 6 dB/oct. slope and 12 dB/oct. on the tweeter with three levels of attenuation. CPK 690 is dedicated to the young enthusiast who wants a front row seat at their favourite concert while sitting comfortably behind the steering wheel. Power Handling - Peak W 360 Power Handling - Continuous W 120 Impedance Ω 4 Frequency response Hz 35 ÷ 22,5k Sensitivity dB SPL 92 Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 30,5 (1.2) Woofer size mm (in.) 6 x 9 Tweeter size mm (in.) 29 (1.14) Woofer magnet Ferrite Tweeter magnet Neodymium Woofer cone Pressed Paper Tweeter dome Tetolon Crossover type 2 Way Crossover cut off LP 6 dB / Oct. - HP 12 dB / Oc

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